The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (202)


To keyboard smitten.



The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (25)

Time at the keyboard to spend-

Long outdating, the use of that quill pen.



Typing (2014)

The daughter was upset one day as she had to backtrack on her text.  Aggravating

problem for sure. Little did she know what I had to go through when I first learned

how to type.



I can hear the teacher now. AB, AB, ABR, ABR. And so the drill began. I learned

how to type on one of those old manual typewriters. Cannot remember the brand,

but they certainly did make some clicking noises.



To correct the mistakes was another matter. We had to get out that funny paper, and

then strike over the letter, before replacing it.



My daughter thought that the whole scenario was funny. How in the world could all

of that go on? Well, that was the days before electronics, the days before texting.



One has to wonder if another generation will laugh at my daughter. The act to have

to backtrack may be gone with the blink of an eye.




Three Places To Do That Writing (2014)

1. At the desk.

2. While waiting for the bus.

3. Anywhere you feel the need.


To cause a stir-

To type and/or write on that paper.


Three Forms Of Spreading The Word (2014)

1. Writing.
2. Typing.
3. Texting.
As it were-
The third is becoming
quite popular.


Three Things That Can Make Your Fingers Tired (2007)

1. Typing.

2. Remote control clicking.

3. Finger pointing.
And a lot of times it is done-
In the wrong direction.

Three That Don’t Mix Well (2012)

1. Oil and grease.

2. Eating fried chicken, while typing.

3. Religion and the office.


To cause a stir-

At the water cooler.

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