Three Walls (2016)

1. Backyard.
2. The one “Trump” says he will build.
3. China.
Time spent-
Looking at the modern, and the ancient.





Three Really Really Good

1. Fudge.
2. Chocolate cake.
3. Those $60 burgers that Trump is selling
down the street from WH.
Really really good as profits swell-
While foreign diplomats and lobbyists
consume them at the Washington,
D.C. government owned Trump Hotel.

Three Places To Find Stuff Made In Other Countries (2017)

1. Your closet.

2. Your neighborhood  craft shop.

3. Trump Gift Shop.
Made in USA-

To do what they say, not to do it their way.


Three Pics In The Living Room (2017)

1. Elvis.

2. Trump.

3. Putin.
In the case-
Of covering a complete fan base.


Three We Love (2017)

1. Some love Hillary.
2. Some love Trump.
3. There must be respect for all.
To find-
Number 3 carries no political line.



Three Talked About At The Trump White House Dinner Table (2017)

1. Weather.

2. Fishing.

3. Anything but Trump business.
To suffice-
To look up board, to look nice.


Three Expensive (2016)

1. Presidential plane building.

2. Hospital stays.

3. Meds at home.
Less pay?
For the medical and pharmaceutical
industry on the way?




Three For Climate Change (2016)

  1. Possibility.
  2. Maybe.
  3. Headed that direction.


To talk “again”, to talk more-

Trump and Gore.


Three Ways To Keep Other Companies From Leaving USA (2016)

1. Beg them.
2. Fine them.
3. Pay them.
As it were-
The same as the American people, via Trump paid Carrier.


Three Reasons That Carrier Will Stay In The United States (2016)

  1. It’s good for the country.
  2. Trump suggested they stay in Indiana, instead of going to Mexico.
  3. That $7 mil financial incentive over next 10 years.


Just a slight sniff, a slight whim, if you care-

That this deal smells of corporate welfare.





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