Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose [D] (The Forbidden Driveway)

The house was set high on a hill-

It had a windmill, in the yard, that stood still.


No one ever dared go up the driveway-

For there were tales, from back in the day.


Tales that said a witch lived up on the hill-

And she’d get you, if you ever got close to that



So everyone stayed away, and no one there was to

be seen-

Until the new boy in town, decided to go there,

on the recent night of Halloween.


Everyone watched him as he walked up the driveway,

and then he went past-

The windmill, and kept going further, as everyone

was aghast.


He headed closer to the darkened scary front door-

Those watching did not know what next would

be in store.


The door opened and a nice little old lady

filled up the boy’s bag, all the way to the top-

It was about to overflow, and finally she had

to stop.


The boy then came down the driveway without

much harry-

The only problem that he had was the bag was a

bit heavy to carry.


All the other kids, who had been watching were

in awe-

There was no witch, to get them from what they

just saw.


Those tales that they had heard just weren’t true-

They had missed out on much, as they now

headed up the driveway, to get some treats too.


The house was set high on a hill-

It had a windmill, in the yard, that stood still.




Three For Dogs (2016)


1. Bones.

2. Treats.

3. Looks and talent.


To go-

To Westminster Dog Show.





Otter Halloween

The otters were seen-
Planning for Halloween.

They knew they would cause a stir-
With orange as the season’s color.

The pumpkins were picked in the field-
Many desserts would they yield.

Such as cakes and pies-
The otter’s were happy and filled with surprise.

For they knew that many treats were on the way-
To join the otters and have a grand Halloween night and day.


Three Great Locations (2016)

1. North Pole.

2. Mrs. Claus’ kitchen.

3. Santa’s workshop.


Much toy and treat making in full gear-

As Christmas Eve draws near.



Proper Exercise On Route-Beginning With One Foot In And Another Foot Out (18)

No skipping of exercise to see-

Especially during the times of extra

treats along with the turkey.



Three Things That We Used To Do (2016)

1. Eat homemade treats.

2. Never check our candy.

3. Make our own costumes.
Scraps to suddenly get-
And put together, from the back of the


Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (511)

Always looking for delicious eats-

As in good tasting treats.



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