Three Said At Train Station (2016)

1. Ticket.
2. Schedule.
3. ALL aboard.
On the run-
To include EVERYONE.




Three Places To Catch That Ride (2013)


1. Train station.

2. Airport.

3. Spaceport.


Looking to be done-

In the midst, of Houston.

Three To Check Before You Leave The Train Station (2013)

1. Your ticket.

2. Your luggage.

3. The ingredients in your  packed lunch.


A food product, no doubt- Should be checked

before leaving the company where it was made, before heading out.




Three Ways For A Turkey To Avoid The Dinner Table (2006)

1. Get a pardon from the President.
2. Slip through the fence at the turkey farm.
3. Catch a train out of town.
A flock of turkeys were spotted at a New Jersey train  station-
Don’t know how they got there, but looked like they were  waiting for the train, while on the run.

Three Places To Find A Stranger (2012)

1. At the bus stop.

2. At the train station.

3. At home.


Almost like a guest-

Due to illness.


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