Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 603 (Don’t Know Where The Time Went)

Don’t know where the time went-

Can’t remember how the days were spent.


Seems like I was about to leave-

To go out and celebrate New Year’s Eve.


And, then all of a sudden, I was dressed to

celebrate Halloween-

With Thanksgiving and Christmas about to

appear, on the scene.


They say that time passes quicker, the older

you get-

But, gee with that scenario, I’m not ready yet.


I need to figure out how to stretch the day-

So that it doesn’t continue to slip away.


To take a pause to slow things down-

To take that special moment, to really look around.


Don’t know where the time went-

Can’t remember how the days were spent.



Three that we like to befriend during December (2009)

1. Santa.
2. Rudolph.
3. Frosty the Snowman.


Friends from our childhood-

That have lasted through the years and have remained as they should.

Three that we like to befriend during December (2009)

1. Santa.
2. Rudolph.
3. Frosty the Snowman.


Friends from our childhood-

That have lasted through the years and have remained as they should.

Three Reasons One Could Not See The Fishing Fleet Return (2011)

1. Fog.

2. Bad weather.

3. Large windmills.
In Holland, one will find-
The spread of the huge wind

Once A Week At Noon On Saturday-Another Story Underway # 2 (Another Face To Die With)

To remember how our grandmothers looked, compared to how the modern day grandmothers look, will be quite a turnaround. You know how the grandmothers used to look. I’m talking about the pioneer ones. The ones who lived a rough life. Even if they were not out chopping wood, time would take its toll.

Grandmothers have it a lot easier nowadays. No scrubbing the clothes, and then hanging them out to dry. The washer and dryer has taken care of that. No chopping wood, for the stove, when the men were away. Electricity and gas have taken care of that too.

Of course, there are no more wrinkles either. And, I’m not talking about the kind in the clothes, that had to be ironed. I’m talking about on grandmother’s face. Smooth as a baby when she is 75 years old. Not like the grandmothers of the old days when you could read a map on her face.

There was a goodness to those wrinkles. Grandmother had earned them. She had lived on the earth long enough to deserve them. And, then came Botox. Grandmother doesn’t have to look old anymore. She can look younger forever.

It seems like a nice idea, except in those cases, where the folks are beginning to look like Cabbage Patch dolls. Now I am not criticizing the dolls, they are what they are, but people are not supposed to look like them. I guess the more you inject that stuff, the rounder your face gets. Never mind the botched jobs, that would involve another story.

We don’t become old overnight, and it seems like a person could get adjusted with what is going on.with them. A wrinkle here, a wrinkle there, and then before you know it, I know, they are are everywhere.

Speaking of all of that scrubbing, I mentioned above, one of my grandmother’s had a friend who would seriously scrub her face everyday. Not just a bit, but with real active motions. Needless to say, she looked a lot older than my grandmother, for my grandmother’s face was washed gently. Yes, the wrinkles still came, but, in a longer period of time. Moderation is what that could be labeled.

Somehow or another we appear to have gotten our ideals confused. You are born, you are young, you become less younger, and then you get old, and then shhhhhh….you pass away. Nowadays it is you are born, you are young, you are no longer young, but you look young, and then you get old, but no one knows, unless you show your hands, and then shhhhh…you pass away with a face that does not belong to you.

The end appears to have the same results. We want to turn back the clock of time, but we cannot stop it. Apparently this trend will continue. Gee, what are you supposed to do when you are looking older than your grandmother? Let it be, or do what she has been doing?

“Grandmother with golden colored locks-

And, no wrinkles, thanks to the invention

of Botox”.

There will always be a time-

When children will sit down to listen to some rhyme.


Three Time Frames (20140

1. Once in a while.
2. Now and then.
3. Every single day.
One cool-
Regular schedule.



The Need-To Read (187)

My time could not be defended-

Only with the fact, that I had to read the story, until it ended.



Modern Mama Goose-On The Loose # 471 (Sugar And Then Sugar)

Sugar is sweet-
It’s one of those
favorite things to
We eat with our
We eat it with
just about every
We eat it a snack-
A sugar attack, as
a matter of fact.
We wouldn’t want
to miss-
Drinking it on a
regular basis.
The sweet stuff is
Not a kitchen in
America, in the
cupboard, is the
subject bare.
But, the substance
of sugar-
Can at times, become
a little bugar.
For in our lives it can
reach deep, and touch-
If we happen to overdo
it and have too much.
Moderation is the key-
For the sweet tooths,
that most of us happen
to be.
Sugar is sweet-
It’s one of those favorite
things to eat.

Time Change

This time change stuff has been debated

for a long time. We either like it or we


Benjamin Franklin even threw his two

cents in by saying if we altered the day,

then we could save so much on wax.

So many read at night by candlelight,

and if daylight was longer, well you get

the picture.

So here we are again. No hurrying to

get home to enjoy a little bit of daylight,

for we have just added a bit more.

At least we all hope that you did. No one

likes to be late for work especially when

they think that they are on time, until

one arrives. That is the downfall of not

springing forward that clock.

Let it be said-

We are now living in a time of one hour ahead.”

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