Three That Thrive Well (2011)

1. Football ticket sales.

2. Certain plants.

3. Conspiracy theories.
Always underway-
With a bit more to say.


Three To Bring To The Airport With You As Of Late (2014)

1. Ticket.

2. Luggage.

3. Pillow.


An unplanned stay-

With the winter weather

getting in the way.


Three Ingredients (2016)

1. Ticket.
2. Seat.
3. Popcorn.
Many a movie seen-
As an adult, and especially
as a teen.


Three That Came Through Ellis Island (2016)

1. Those looking for new life.
2. Those looking for better life.
3. Those who wanted to come.
A ticket bought-
For dreams that were sought.




To Carry A Heavy Load-While Driving On The Road (82)

You knew that those blue and red lights were going to get you-

As through the country road, you simply sped through.



Three Reasons To Slow Down On Highway (2016)

1. Safety.
2. Better control.
3. Ticket.
To avoid fine-
To stay out of bind.




Three Ways To Win (2016)

1. Buy ticket.
2. Hold breath.
3. Read book while waiting.
Either way-
A win every day.




Three Hogs (2015)

1. Wart.
2. Farm.
3. Road.
Get out of the way-
Unless you are looking
for a ticket today.


Three One Way (2015)

1. Ticket.
2. Street.
3. Trip to Mars.
Blast off on track-
With possibility, of never
coming back.


Three For A Fine (2014)

1.  Running red lights.
2. No car insurance.
3. Unneeded call for help.
Too many non emergency-
Calls to see.


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