Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 652 (Weeds)

The grass had grown-

It certainly set the tone.


There was a time when a

crowd had come by-

But, as time passed, there

was no one left to cry.


The spot had been kept up

for so many years-

Visited often with so many tears.


Generations later, a new crowd

started to come by-

To visit their ancestors, is the

reason why.


To pull the weeds and to clean the


To bring to life what had been



To celebrate those who had lived so

long ago-

To give their final resting place, a

sudden glow.


The grass had grown-

It certainly set the tone.



Three Things About Mondays (2011)

1. They are dreaded.

2. They could be fun.

3. There are tears streaming down your face.


And, you don’t even know why-

Whether it be tears of joy, or one good cry.

Three To Shed (2011)

1. Tears.

2. Extra skin.

3. Resentment.


To choose-

To put out the fuse.

Three Too Long (2015)

1. Dentist visit.
2. Some lines.
3. Hot flashes.
Years and years-
Hot, cold, and tears.


Three To Leave Sesame Street (2015)

1. Old friend.
2. 44 yr.-resident.
3. Loved one.
“Maria”,Sonia Manzano-
Time to retire, tears to flow.


Three To Make Tears (2015)

1. Onions.
2. Baby.
3. Grandpa realizing
his new granddaughter.
To set the tone-
Formerly, on Downton Abbey, unknown.


Three Tears (2010)

1. A hurt child.

2. A sad person.

3. A career politician.
I will make sure that Washington
will listen to you-
As I have all these years, I promise
that this time, I will follow through.


Three To Bring Tears (2014)


1. Sad event.

2. Onions.

3. The sight of the American Flag.
Not for unhappiness-
But for love of country at best.


The Need-To Read (148)

Some books bring big cheers-

While others need tissues, to dry the tears.




Three For Water (2014)

1. Swim.
2. Thirst.
3. Tears.
To open the gate-
To rehydrate.


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