Three things that you are never too old to do (2007)

1. Learn.
2. Love.
3. Teach.
To teach her students each day, Rose Gilbert, can hardly wait-
A California teacher, who is a young eighty-eight.

Three In The Classroom (2017)

1. The brave.

2. The dedicated.

3. Jill Biden.
All 8 years spent-
Teaching while her husband
was Vice President.


Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite (546)

To stay on track-

To teach manners and slowly bring them back.



The Need-To Read (342)

To plant that important seed-
To teach a small child to read.


The Need-To Read # 43


There is a need-

To ensure that everyone knows how to read.



Three Things That Teachers Are Expected To Do (2007)


1. Teach.

2. Grade papers.

3. Act appropriately.
Proper role models are more important than ever-
As we continue on with this nation’s child-raising endeavor.


The Need-To Read # 95

Spread knowledge, plant a seed-
By teaching someone to read.


Three To Echo In The Background (2014)

1. Yell.

2. Thunder.

3. What one learned in class.


The art to teach-

With a far reach.


Three Things That You Are Never Too Old To Do (2010)

1. Learn.

2. Love.

3. Teach.


To show concern-

To teach those who want to learn.


Three Holiday Treats (2013)

1. Fudge.
2. Brownies.
3. Cooking with the kids.
Some concern-
But gee, it’s time that they learn.

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