The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (416)

A clear sunny day-

To stormy dark weather, on the way.



Three Things Not To Worry About (2010)

1. Regular rainy days.
2. Sunny days.
3. An iceberg the size of Luxembourg
breaking off from a glacier in
Just the events of a regular day-
Is what many believe, and would happen
to say.


Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 437


I can patiently wait-
For that scrambled, or sunnyside egg, as of late.

A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme # 416

My favorite thing to do is to go out
and fly a kite-
When it is sunny, and the wind is
just right.

Three To Wish For (2013)

1. A drop.

2. A sprinkle.

3. A bit, of rain.
In the meantime, while hoping-
With this heat, we will keep on coping.

Three Weather Conditions To Run In (2013)

1. Sunny.

2. Cloudy.

3. Wet and chilly.


Weather to combat and face-

In the midst, of the 41st Chevron

Houston Marathon race.

Three Ouchies (2012)

1. Paper cut.

2. Stubbed toe.

3. Sunburn.


To be reminded again-

When out on a sunny day,

to take care, of the skin.

Casualty And Reality # 460

Today, the sun did not come out-

But, as usual, its appearance, for tomorrow,

is enroute.

Three Feeling Sunny (2012)

1. The happy neighbor.

2. Those sitting around a pool.

3. Economists.


To indelve-

To look ahead, the prospects, for 2012.

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