Three Ways To Begin Day (2015)

1. Hit snooze button.
2. Hit it again.
3. Feet on floor.
Now that you’ve paid your dues-
Time to read news.


Three To Cherish (2014)

1. Family.

2. Friends.

3. Sleep.


There will always be the one-

To hit that snooze button.


Three Ways To Be Late (2014)

1. Gridlock.

2. Be unprepared.

3. Hit snooze button.


Later time spent-

Wondering where the time went.


Three Reasons For The Teen To Be Almost Late For School (2014)

1. Hit snooze button too many times.

2. Bus running behind.

3. The hair.


Top on the list in the mornings to do-

To create the perfect hairdo.


Three Places To Find Bells (2013)

1. On your toes.

2. In the tower.

3. Next to the bedside.


You know the one-

The one with the well used snooze button.


Three That We Love To Do In The Morning (2013)

1. Hit snooze button.

2. Hit it again.

3. Have that cup of coffee.


The coffee bean, on the mind-

When it is time, to rise and shine.

Three To Do Every Morning (2013)

1. Wake up.
2. Yawn.
3. Hit snooze button.
Can’t remember when-
We didn’t do that over and over again.

Three That Can Cause Havoc (2013)

1. That snooze button.

2. Gridlock.

3. Popocatepetl.


The volcano, that is-

Raising the alert, in Mexico City,

as it readies to spew its ash and

lava biz.


(Be safe and careful)

Three That Delay (2012)

1. That snooze button.

2. Traffic.

3. Rain.


NASCAR on Monday-

Heavy rains causing delay.

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