Three Showers (2012)

1. Baby.

2. Rain.

3. $100 bills.


The secret Santa, from Missouri,

handing out a total of $100.000,

in New York and New Jersey-

Especially targeting those affected

by Superstorm Sandy.

Three Endings (2012)

1. Happy.

2. Sad.

3. No more pecan pies.


The Secret Santa that was also

called the Pie Fairy-

Let the 87-year old Ohio man, know that this

years’ was the last, for the pies,

he would no longer carry.

Three things to keep secret (2009)

1. Your best friends’ personal stuff.
2. An upcoming surprise birthday party.
3. The fact that you are a Secret Santa

. ============================

Cross your heart and hope to die-

If you let any inkling of this ordeal fly.

Three Steps For A Kmart Layaway (2011)

1. Put stuff in.

2. Pay on it regularly.

3. Someone else pays it off.


In Michigan, the lucky three-

Were the ones who benefited, when

Secret Santa, went on a shopping spree.

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