Casualty And Reality # 379

All of a sudden, too much orange and green-

Looks like the fall season is about to hit the scene.

Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 480

We always stock up with batteries,
during the hurricane season-
But, that flashlight, for trick or
treating, is another good reason.


To Change The Words To Clear-That Much Needed Fear # 100

We’re about to step into the
heavy hurricane season-

And preparation is done for
a good reason.


Three Seasons (2012)

1. Summer.

2. Hurricane.

3. Fire.


A season-

To prepare, for a good reason.

Three Times To Take Pics During Hurricane Season (2011)

1. After the hurricane.

2. During cleanup.

3. Before the hurricane.
Before all is destroyed or blown:
To capture, all that you own.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 815 (Mid Summer)

It is the middle of the summer-

And, the heat appears, to be the main drummer.


It beats at a high temperature-

A fan, a swim, or A/C, appears to be the cure.


We all know it, for we can of course-

Feel what it emits, in full force.


Even at night-

It sticks around, there is not much flight.


The sun does serve us well-

Even at times, when it appears to be

in over swell.


This too shall pass, as the season of

Fall will cool things down-

In the meantime, much hot heat can

be found.


It is the middle of summer-

And, the heat appears, to be the main drummer.

Three That Are Orange (2012)

1. Pumpkins.

2. Some candy.

3. A group of Fall flowers.


A word that does not rhyme-

Now in season, now in time.


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