Three Slants Of Crazy (2013)

1. Trains.

2. Clowns.

3. Ants.


A crazy ant complication-

Involving longevity and nonending multiplication.





Three Reasons To Eat Bananas (2008)

1. They’re delicious.

2. They’re filled with potassium.

3. It can elevate your chances for having a boy.
So the scientists say, more nutrients are required-
In order for a male child to be sired.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 962 (Never Ever Until It Becomes Personal)

The politician was against the act-

To always be against it, he had made a pact.


Never, ever, would he change his mind-

It was made up, and no change would he find.


To always vote no-

That’s the way it was, and would stay so.


Until it hit his very own family-

Giving him a different insight, for him to see.


When it becomes personal, well, that is another thought-

Suddenly, with surprise, the idea, to change had been bought.


The politician was against the act-

To always be against it, he had made a pact.


Three To Color Your World (2016)

1. Words.
2. Drawings.
3. Pictures.
A sure win-
As you begin to fill in.




Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (225)

Is someone trying to say?

That if you exercise you can drink a certain soft drink all day?



Three That Do An Awful Lot Of Thinking (2015)

1. Scientists.
2. Mathematicians.
3. Your pet.
To find-
An awful lot, on the mind.


Three To Shape Your Opinion (2015)

1. Environment.
2. Studies.
3. Money.
To head towards the way-
That leads to the biggest


Three Ways To Know That There Is Such Thing As Global Warming AKA Climate Change (2006)

1. Al Gore says so.

2. Many scientists say so.

3. Alaska Mayors have seen so.


Portage Glacier-

Is shrinking, and moving further, away for sure!


Three High Paying Positions (2007)

1. Doctors.

2. Scientists.

3. Whistleblowers.


The mere act of seeing what is not right-

And then bringing the situation to light.


Three That Can Deciphor Earthquakes (2007)

1. A seismologist.
2. Scientists.
3. A top mine executive.


The list for experts in the know-

Situation per situation, continues to grow.


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