Three What?

  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. When?


A Fox anchor-

Found out today same lawyer  as it were?


P. S. Don’t talk about my lawyer like that?

Your lawyer?

Since when?

As of today.


Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Three For Dessert:

  1. Pie.
  2. Cake.
  3. Court hearing?


Without fail-

Another juicy detail.



Three Going On

1. Nothing.
2. Quiet.
3. All above board.
Unless you are looking in
the light.

Three Ways To Review A Book

1. Describe it.
2. Talk about it.
3. Knock it.
Without the need?
For a simple read?

Three Authors

1. Charles Dickens.

2. Mark Twain.

3. Slimeball? Really really amazing.


Published work about to come out-

The one timely and on route.

Three Robert Mueller (Republican)

1. Graduated Princeton University.
2. Numerous military decorations and awards while serving in Vietnam War.
3. Director of FBI under George W. Bush and Barack Obama.
Much integrity seen-
During years served 2001-2013.

Three To Show Up In Court On Monday

1. Lawyers.

2. Judge.

3. The one being questioned.


To become rather tense?

With that “stranger” Stormy Daniels in the audience?

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