Three To Add To

1. Fast food order.

2. Plants on patio.

3. Cars on freight train.



With productivity stronger.



Three To Drag Up

  1. Same bible verse used to uphold slavery.
  2. Same bible verse used to uphold Nazi ideals.
  3. Same bible verse to uphold children being separated at the border from their parents.


A few words is all it took-

Taken directly from the Good Book.

Three To End

1. Hunger.
2. Children taken from their
parents at border.
3. The end to a ridiculous impeachment?
Ridiculous so they wish and say?
As we watch more and more
evidence gather each and everyday.


Help Thy Self

A sensation-

A private charity foundation,

For family members to access-

With patron and offspring knowing best.

In the meantime, true charity an abomination.



George Washington In The “Modern” Day

Narcissistic George Washington as best as he did try
Never told the truth, he often did lie,
Especially when it came to that cherry tree-
He couldn’t have done it, so who really did is a mystery.
In the end to find a bible verse to back up lies to fly.



Like Kim stand up to Trump at attention?
Is not how our country gets it done,
Especially with our time spent-
When it comes to respecting the USA and the president.
We have The Constitution and a dictator we have none.


Three That Might Be On The Pardon List

1. Charles Manson.
2. Al Capone.
3. John Wayne Gacy.
In the neighborhood once
known and found-
As one “TALENTED” clown.


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