Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 496

Green means go, and red means stop-
And, if everyone followed the rules, then
the accident rate, would drop.


Three Given Colors

1. Red.
2. Brown.
3. Yellow.
Bright and serene-
Leaves on the autumn scene.

Three Steps


1. Ophelia.

2. Dust kicked up in Sahara Desert.

3. London sky red.


The combination-

To create a sensation.


Three Rigs (2017)

1. To disguise

2. Downright fixing.

3. Not true reality.
That thing-
Called gerrymandering.


It Rocks-To Head To Ballot Box (427)

Red, white, and blue-

To follow politics, and enjoy a Fourth of July parade too.



Three Red (2016)

1. Apples.
2. Fire engines.
3. Lucy.
Red headed that is-

In the world, of comedy biz.





Three Colors Seen (2016)

1. Red.
2. White.
3. Blue.
Patriotic found-
In a small and large American town.


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