Three Things That Make Children Happy (2010)

1. Toys.

2. Candy.

3. Daddy being the first, miner, to come
to the surface.
The joy, of the son, we saw-
As the world watched, in much awe.


Three Things That Are Noisy (2010)

1. Jackhammers.

2. Leaf blowers.

3. Wind turbines.
Between the whoosh, and
the vibration-
It can cause quite an irritating

Three Ones (2010)

1. Baby outfit.

2. Dollar bill.

3. House.
In Shanghai, China, the
purchase of one house,
is the new rule-
In the midst, of high prices,
lack of housing, and other
issues to fuel.

Three Things That Will Stay The Same (2010)

1. The season of fall.

2. An anticipated winter.

3. No raise in Social Security.
For the second year, no giving-
In that adjustment, for cost of living.

Three That Do Not Expect Pink Slips (2010)

1. Those that have worked hard.

2. Those in high positions.

3. Those that have served our country.
When some soldiers return-
Their old jobs, in which they
were replaced, becomes a concern.

Modern Mama Goose-On The Loose # 372 (Modern Nose Growth)

His nose used to grow, and
the reason why-
Is because the little wooden
boy, told a lie.
A story told a long time ago-
One that we all love and know.
A modern one, has come into
As a matter of fact, for years,
it has been that way.
Someone told a lie, and all
of a sudden, the truth was
With the evidence, as some
still tried to avoid becoming
The document was enlarged,
for all to see-
The truth seen, and the lie
could no longer agree.
His nose used to grow, and
the reason why-
Is because the little
wooden boy, told a lie.

Three To Dabble In (2010)

1. Witchcraft.

2. Clownery.

3. Serious politics.
A must-
To act serious.

Three Careers (2010)

1. Nursing.

2. Teaching.

3. Running for office.
And, to add. to the degree-
Is the highlighting, of the
rest, of the family.

A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme # 546

At our age, what we like to see-
Is a good, action packed movie.

Three Things To Be Jealous Of (2010)

1. Cars.

2. Looks.

3. Being spoofed on Saturday Night Live.
According to some politicians, being left out-
Means, that you are not taking the correct
political route.

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