A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (93)

Like no other-

To be the apple of the eye, of both your father and your mother.



Three Proud (2015)

1. Peacock.
2. Flag waving.
3. Mama.
Time spent-
Child enrolled, grand accomplishment.


Three That Can Make One Proud (2014)


1. Accomplishments.

2. Met goals.

3. Blooms.


To cause a stir-

For any pro or home gardener.


To Change The Words To Clear-That Much Nagging Fear # 30

There is too much of a crowd-
I’ll just quietly slip in with
that crowd, while holding up
my head up strong and proud.



Three Things About Texans (2008)

1. They think big.

2. They are proud.

3. They have voted for their new license plate.
Featuring rolling hills and open skies-
Also including the phrase, The Lone Star State,
coming as no surprise.

Three Firsts (2014)

Three Firsts:
1. Mountain climb.
2. Marathon.
3. Baby of the year.
Tiny fingers and
A delight for the parents,
as the little one grows.


Three To Be Proud Of (2013)

1. The garage clean-up.

2. The grade on that report.

3. The fact that you voted.


With the thoughts to do it over


For you know that it was a fruitful

act to spend.

Three Designed Items (2013)


1. Shoes.

2. Clothing.

3. Flags.


Proud history-

For generation after generation to view and see.

Three City Songs (2013)

1. Houston.

2. Memphis.

3. Galveston.


In grand style-

Reflecting on Galveston Isle.




Three To Name Your Baby (2013)

1. After a relative.

2  After a good friend.

3. Anything that they can live with.


In simple rhyme-

A name to be proud of during one’s lifetime.




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