Three Wall Street Moments (2009)

1. Up.

2. Down.

3. All around.
A poster-
For a real live roller coaster.


Three Places To Hang A Poster (2014)

1. Hall.
2. Den.
3. Dorm room.
To soften the edge-
For that first day of college.


Three For Art (2014)


1. Poster.

2. Paper.

3. Lunch bag.


No gag-

Loving Dad drew daily on

son’s lunch bag.


Three Ways To Highlight An Event (2013)


1. Radio.

2. Newspaper.

3. Poster.


To highlight an endeavor-

To keep forever.

Three To Color (2013)


1. Page.

2. Poster.

3. The whole world.


As it were-

Waiting imagination to capture.

Three Things About That Granny Bandit (2011)

1. She did many a stick-up.

2. She had her own wanted poster.

3. She was not 80 years old.
But, at age 51, did not age well-
As all of the use, of those drugs, and
alcohol can tell.

Three To Go Neon (2012)

1. A poster.

2. A sign.

3. Honey Boo Boo.


For sure-

Makes for one colorful family

Christmas picture.

Three Places To Find Andy Warhol (2012)

1. On a poster.

2. In an art gallery.

3. On a can of soup.


Playing that game-

Highlighting that 15 minutes of fame.

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