Three Ways To Fix It (2014)

1. Look.
2. Ponder.
3. Take action.
Great beginning, a great start-
Filled with much heart.


Three Ways To Get Things Done (2009)

1. Make a list.

2. Ponder the list.

3. Get out of bed.
The act to awake and rise-
In order to get things done is
not such a surprise.


Over And Over Again (2014)

There are some situations that you want to weigh in-
AFTER you think about it over & over again.



Three Ways To Form Those New Year Resolutions (2007)

1. Ponder about it for a while.

2. Carefully pick and choose.

3. Pull out last years’ list.
Historically, one on one-
Many of those resolutions were not finished,
or better yet, left undone.

Three To Ponder (2013)

1. Thoughts.
2.  Dreams.
3.  Where you want to go..
Evaluate Your Life Day-
Where much thought gets underway.

Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 753

To think of manners first-
Instead of immediately acting your worst.


Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 732

Regarding help, to be so strict-

Of course, unless, it is in your district.


Three To Do With Your Unusual Ideas (2012)

1. Write them down.

2. Ponder the thoughts.

3. Invite others to join in.


Others to join the loop-

And, before long, you have a group.

Three Pondering Steps (2012)

1. Hear it.

2. Believe it.

3. Look at it again.


For what you heard-

Might not have been the

truthful word.

Three On The Rise (2012)

1. Bread, in the oven.

2. The act, to stay cool.

3. Waterborne bacteria.


Thoughts rather dim-

When you’re pondering a swim.

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