Three Who Might Know What You Are Thinking (2012)

1. Your spouse.

2. Your small child.

3. Your pet.


Easily done-

By your facial expression.

Three On The Lap While Driving (2012)

1. Breakfast.

2. Newspaper.

3. Pet.


All comfy and set-

Until a “not allowed” law

goes into effect.

Three Known Heroes (2012)

1. The neighbor, down the street.

2. The one who stopped to help.

3. Your pet.


They cannot talk-

But, in needed times, they manage, to do the walk.

Three To Rent (2011)

1. A goat to clip the yard.

2. A pet to play with and then have picked up.

3. A Grandma to read the children stories, and

    bake cookies.


Some money was meant-

For the unusual things to rent.

Three To Take Along (2015)

1. Water.
2. Cell.
3. Best friend.
All set-
Walking with the pet.


Three Pets (2014)

1. Dog.

2. Cat.

3. Project.


To swirl-

In the political world.


Three To Strut (2016)

1. Model.
2. Peacock.
3. Pets.
Top grade-

Pet parade.





Three Restrooms At Airport (2016)

1. Men.
2. Women.
3. Pet.
With green turf and hydrant,
at bay.




Three To Train (2016)

1. Hair.
2. Pet.
3. People.
Better time spent-
Looking for employment.




A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (463)

Here comes my pet  as soon as I get off that yellow bus-

With a wagging tail, and lots of happy fuss.




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