Three Things That Swim Upstream (2011)

1. Fish.

2. Some people.

3. Those that are behind on their blog.
Feels like it anyway-
Trying to catch up someday.


Three Beautiful Things In The State Of Texas (2009)

1. The people.

2. The creativity.

3. The wildflowers.
Especially in the Hill Country-
A precious site to appreciate and see.


Three That Are Short Haired (2012)

1. Pigs.

2. People.

3. Bees.


Short-haired bees, on their way-

Back to rural parts, of the UK.

Three Sad The Weekend Is Over (2014)


1. Workers.

2. Children.

3. Pets.


Double days together-

Are so much the better.


A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme # 468

If only all people could be nice-
Then the whole world could be
filled with sugar and spice.


Three That Enjoy The Holidays (2010)

1. People.

2. Cats.

3. Dogs.
One can see in their dress-
That any holiday can become the best.


Three Reasons We Don’t Want To Go Too Far Back (2010)

1. Women couldn’t vote.

2. All people were not free.

3. The use of a corn cob was too well known.
Too extreme-
To redeem.


Three Things That People Really Like (2012)

1. A nice sunny day.

2. Smooth traffic.

3. To be heard.


Well said, well done-

America does tout quite an


Three To Enjoy A Delicious Valentine (2015)

1. Grandma.
2. Mama.
3. Animals.
A special treat-
Where love & appetite meet.


To Change The Word To Clear-That Much Needed Fear # 226

I don’t remember reading about
that part of history-
You have to be careful, for some
people, are trying to re-write it,
as to how they would prefer,
for it to be.

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