Three Scary For The Road (2015)

1. Out of gas.
2. Flat tire.
3. Road rage.
Not just a whim-
But a fright for the victim.




Three Reasons To Take A Walk (2008)

1. It’s fun.

2. It’s healthy.

3. The car ran out of gas.
And it may keep happening more and more-
As the gas prices continue to soar.


Three Scary Things On The Freeway (2013)

1. Blowouts.

2. Running out of gas.

3. 18-wheelers.
Always hoped that they would gain-
Their very own driving lane.


Three Results Of That Cell Phone (2009)

1. No need to flag someone down if you run out of gas.

2. More accidents due to inattention.

3. The extinction of the phone booth.
Way back when-
We’d have to stop to use one
after first dropping a coin in.

Three Things That Really Bite (2013)

1. Running out of gas.

2. An overdraft at the bank.

3. Dogs.


The latest poll-

Shows that dog biting situation, out of control.



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