Three Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do (2012)

1. Go inside a pyramid.

2. Roam around the Vatican.

3. Meet Elvis.


At a concert, made it to the third row-

But, my youngest daughter, with her

wish, much further did she have the

opportunity, to go.


Amber is holding the red rose.

Three For Sesame Street’s New Season (2014)

1. The First Lady.
2. One Direction.
3. All of those children watching.
The 45th season-
To watch, to learn, for a good reason.



Three Things To Wait On (2012)

1. Prescription.

2. Package.

3. Your daughter, coming back from New York.


The one who got to meet One Direction-

Still can’t believe it, so many memories, so much fun.

-mary elizabeth rumsey-



Three Going On In Houston Today (2013)

1. Sunday drives.

2. Family walks.

3. One Direction.
Teens, including my daughter
and granddaughter-
Going to the concert, causing
a heart stir.

Three To Remain The Same (2012)

1. The shape of the earth.

2. Sunshine and darkness.

3. The name of your favorite UK band.


The One Direction band, in the USA-

Will name change to Uncharted Shores,

as all continue to sing and play.

Three Wet Round House (2015)

1. Bathtub.
2. Sink.
3. Daughter & Granddaughter’s eyes.
Tears of joy-
No breakup, oh boy.


Three Going On At My House (2015)

1. Eats.
2. Writng.
3. New One Direction video.
Living with a 1-D fan-
Made in Houston, readily on hand.



Three So British (2015)

1. One Direction.
2. Ed Sheeran.
3. Cold Play.
Daughter and Granddaughter seen 2 out of 3.


Three Heard Around My Home (2014)

1. Jingle Bells.
2. Reindeer on the roof.
3. 1D.

As it were-
I have one infatuated teenager.


Three Going On At My House (2014)

1. Sleep..
2. Dreams.
3. One Direction.
To cause a stir-
For daughter & granddaughter.


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