Three At The Hospital (2015)

1. Patient.
2. Doctor.
3. Nurse.
A dedicated helping hand-
All across the land.


Three We Depend On (2014)

1. Teachers.

2. Policemen.

3. Nurses.


Worth their wealth-

When it comes to taking

care of our health.


Three Who Should Get A Flu Shot (2010)

1. Doctors.
2. Nurses.
3. Health workers.



For the entire rest.

Three In The Midst Of Medicare Fraud (2013)

1. Some doctors.

2. Some nurses.

3. Some home health agencies.


One scheme after another-

And, it’s not the patient,

it’s not grandfather and grandmother.

Three To Nurse (2012)

1. A drink.

2. A family member.

3. A copper heiress.


Hugette Clark’s medical care-

Obviously was high priced, with

plenty, of cash to spare.

Three Who Cheat Regarding Medicare (2012)

1. Men.

2. Women.

3. 107 doctors and nurses.


Including social workers and

owners of health care companies,

450 million dollars, to unearth-

Pure greed, for all it is worth.


Three Always Needed (2011)

1. Nurses.

2. Teachers.

3. Astronauts.


To top-

And train the next set of


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