Three To Miss (2011)

1. An appointment.

2. A social gathering.

3. Your free full complimentary breakfast.


The New York man filed a lawsuit-

When his promised health club breakfast was discontinued,

and put into dispute.

Three About Billy The Kid (2011)

1. He was born in New York.

2. He learned the Spanish language.

3. He was beloved by Mexican American farmers.


To take a history ride-

About a person, to give the other side.

The Highlight Of The Day-In My Own Way # 393

Back in 1957, for little girls, there

was much to acrue-

At the American International Toy Fair,

in New York, with Mattel’s Barbie doll


Three Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do (2012)

1. Go inside a pyramid.

2. Roam around the Vatican.

3. Meet Elvis.


At a concert, made it to the third row-

But, my youngest daughter, with her

wish, much further did she have the

opportunity, to go.


Amber is holding the red rose.

Three Things To Wait On (2012)

1. Prescription.

2. Package.

3. Your daughter, coming back from New York.


The one who got to meet One Direction-

Still can’t believe it, so many memories, so much fun.

-mary elizabeth rumsey-



Three That Are Not Normal (2012)

1. Wearing your pajamas, to work.

2. Being at an amusement park, on a work day.

3. That Monday morning commute, in New York.


More crowded, than ever-

In this, still being worked on, endeavor.

Three Things Going On At The Local Theater (2010)

1. Movie watching.

2. Snack eating.

3. Bed bugs biting.
Not regular Times Square-
Expected plot fanfare.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (The Original Shakers)

The European Shakers made their way-

To America in 1774 back in the day.


For freedom of religion and movement-

Via founder Mother Ann Lee, along the Hudson

River on New York is where they went.


With any problems of frontier life they did better fare-

As they ate healthy, were clean , and practiced good healthcare.


With decoration being offensive to God they created their

very own furniture-

That contained simplicity and beauty that to this day

still does endure.


They expanded to New England, New

York, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio-

Eventually dying out, with their furniture

giving way for their history to grow.


A small second order of Shakers today in Sabbathday Lake, Maine-

Keepers of the faith with supporting the heritage to gain.

Three Things About Automobile License Plates (2010)

1. They can be decorative.

2. They are certainly informative.

3. They were first required in 1901.
New York, became the first
To require the automobile license plate.


Three Highlighting Presidential Political Race (2016)

1. Ideas.
2. Thoughts.
3. New York.
On hand-
Words represented from the island.






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