Three Hogs (2015)

1. Wart.
2. Farm.
3. Road.
Get out of the way-
Unless you are looking
for a ticket today.


Three Ways To Lose Your Postion (2015)

1. Move over.
2. Get lost.
3. Be arrested.
Not in the scheme-
Of the perfect team.


Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite (183)

When in the way, to get in the groove-

At the grocery store simply to MOVE.



Three Places To Demand Privacy (2014)

1. Home.
2. Public restroom.
3. At the voting booth.
Agitation can loom-
If there doesn’t appear to be enough privacy and/or enough room.


Three That Some People Find Hard To Do (2013)

1. Cover their mouths, when they sneeze.

2. Admit they are wrong.

3. Slow down.
Laws, on the run-
In the midst, of road construction.

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