Catering To The Lunch-Bunch

Three For Monday:

  1. First day of week.
  2. Day after weekend.
  3. New beginning.


As it were-

To simply start over.


Three Brand New

1. Monday.

2. Sunrise.

3. Putin won Russian election.


All three detected-

All three expected.


Three Once Again

1. Weekend over.
2. Relaxation gone.
3. Monday here.
Not to miss-
On a regular basis.

Three To Begin

1. New start.
2. New day.
3. New week.

Three Ways To Know It Was A Holiday Yesterday (2016)

1. That BBQ.
2. That parade.
3. Those fireworks.
And since it happened on a Monday-
Today will feel like Monday
again, as Tuesday happens to give way.





Three That Can Be Miserable (2016)

1. Rain.
2. Heat.
3. Getting up on Tuesday morning.
Bells to ring-
After a three day weekend,
it’s just like a Monday morning.


Three Reasons To Smile (2016)

1. You need it.
2. You want to.
3. It’s Monday.
Readily, to see-
After that first cup of coffee.




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