Three Challengers For Your Lawmaking Seat (2010)

1. Your neighbor.

2. Someone from across town.

3. Your husband.


The idea may be strong-

That included in the race, is the fact that this Missouri couple does not get along.


Three To Hold (2011)

1. Glue.

2. Paste.

3.Most of those
Missouri River levees.
Less mess-
Thank goodness.

Three Showers (2012)

1. Baby.

2. Rain.

3. $100 bills.


The secret Santa, from Missouri,

handing out a total of $100.000,

in New York and New Jersey-

Especially targeting those affected

by Superstorm Sandy.

Three Berries (2012)

1. Strawberries.

2. Blueberries.

3. Elderberries.


More growth in the State of Missouri-

Long used in the herbal tea.

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