Three For Mississippi (2016)

1. Blues.
2. Elvis.
3. That roast.
Mississippi Roast-
With goodness to boast.






The Need-To Read (163)

Three William Faulkner:

1. As I Lay Dying.

2. The Sound and the Fury.

3. Sanctuary.


Requiem for a Nun-

Mississippi writer, well done.


Three Reasons For Criminal Charges (2015)

1. Theft.
2. Bribery.
3. Cheer.
Graduation in Mississippi expected quiet-
Any noise, officials did not buy it.


Three Things To Do If You Lose (2014)

1. Suck it in.

2. Pout.

3. Investigate.


Unfortunately regular news-

When involving those who lose.



A Quick Say-In A Rhyming Way # 505

One cannot lose-
By traveling from Memphis
to the Mississippi Delta, in
order to enjoy the Blues.

Three For The First Time (2013)

1. Win at bingo.
2. Fall in love.
3. Catch a big one.
In Claiborne County, Mississippi found-
Catching a 741 lb gator, on the very first round.

Three Ways To Know That You Are On The Right Side (2011)

1. You have your convictions.

2. You got a cookie.

3. You are staying high and dry.
A lucky one too-
If not a lot of flooding, you happen, to acrue.

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