Three ways that Santa would look if some had their way (2009)

1. Skinny.
2. Shaven.
3. Without candy canes.


Healthy, proper, with no sweets to eat-

Where fantasy land and the reality world never need to meet.

Three Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do (2012)

1. Go inside a pyramid.

2. Roam around the Vatican.

3. Meet Elvis.


At a concert, made it to the third row-

But, my youngest daughter, with her

wish, much further did she have the

opportunity, to go.


Amber is holding the red rose.

Three Things To Wait On (2012)

1. Prescription.

2. Package.

3. Your daughter, coming back from New York.


The one who got to meet One Direction-

Still can’t believe it, so many memories, so much fun.

-mary elizabeth rumsey-



Three Places To Meet (2016)

1. Café.
2. Theater.
3. Online.
Modern conversation,
modern date-
As of late.



Three Places To Meet Neighbor (2015)

1. At grocery.
2. In yard.
3. National Night Out.
Tradition seen-
Tuesday Oct. 16, 2015.


A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (234)

A childhood sweet-

The first day of school to meet.



Three Places To Meet (2011)

1. Coffee shop.
2. Mall.
3. Wall Street.
To pass by-
To occupy.


Three To Meet (2011)

1. A friend.
2. A deadline.
3. Ends.
To make those ends meet-
Are getting harder and harder
to beat.


Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (167)

To enjoy a treat-

To participate, in a special lunch meet.



Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (162)

The combination of the two, just happen to meet-

Easter Sunday, and a touch of  chocolate sweet.



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