Three Ways To Know That A Plane Is Flying Too Low Over The Neighborhood (2010)

1. The noise is too loud.


2. The dishes rattle.
3. You can stand outside and actually see the faces of
    the passengers, inside the plane, as it goes by.
There’s more to see-
Than there ought to be.

Three For Gas Prices (2016)


1. Low.

2. Lower.

3. Staying that way?


Sure bet-

Change in the peon pocket.



Freezer Door Open (2014)

Looks like Mother Nature has opened the freezer door-

With the temps that are going on, and the one that are in store.



Three Places To Find Salt (2012)

1. Mine.

2. Dinner table.

3. Mississippi River.


Low and dry-

Coming upriver, from the Gulf,

is the reason why.

Aways A Moment To Seize-Regarding Controlling That Diabetes (21)

Sugar too high, sugar too low-

In many cases you know what to do, in which direction to go.



Three Special Recipes (2016)

1. Family.

2. Thanksgiving.

3. Diabetic.

To learn and know-
Recipes that are healthy and
carb low.


Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Summer Season (442)

A regular mow-

To keep the grass low.



Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite (507)

You know-

The certain places, that you must keep your voice low.



Clear-That Fear (1001)

Here we go-
Lessons learned to keep that panic and anxiety, both low and slow.


Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Winter Season (333)

Yard grass low-

To a sudden sprout, with a bit to mow.



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