Three To Play At The American Music Awards (2011)

1. Christina Aguilera.
2. Mary J. Blige.
3. Justin Bieber.
For the fans, to take note-
To take the time, to vote.


Three Things About Nail Polish (2010)

1. It is pretty.
2. It beautifies your nails.
3. Justin Bieber, is coming out with his own line.
Inspired by his own hit songs-
Will color the nails, and make them strong.


Three Dolls For The Holiday (2010)

1. Regular baby.

2. Barbie.

3. Justin Bieber.
Orders tall-
For big girls and small.


Three Great Works Of James Earl Jones (2011)

1. The Great White Hope-1970.

2. Roots-1977.

3. The recitation of a Justin Bieber song-2011.
While as a guest on Gayle King-
He recited that Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh, thing.


Three To Retire (2013)

1. 65-year old.
2 .62-year old.
3. A youngster.
Causing a stir-
That Justin Bieber.


Three Things About Justin Bieber (2011)

1. The hair.

2. The voice.

3. The movie.
“Never Say Never”-
A Justin Bieber fan attending

Three Labels For Justin Bieber (2011)

1. Singer.

2. Actor.

3. Temporary fireman.
Took action, right away-
Putting the fire out, in his Mom’s
hair, while celebrating her birthday.

Three Reasons To Cancel A Concert (2010)

1. The singer is ill.

2. The weather is severe.

3. The fans have gotten out of control.
At Sydney Harbor, when 5000 fans heard
that Justin Bieber, had arrived early-
A surge occured, that turned the event
into a castrophe.

Three That Are Hollow (2013)

1. Rotten tree stumps.

2. Eggs getting ready for confetti.

3. Some statements.


The world, of fan base, aka, Justin Bieber has low rank-

In perspective, to the endurings and life of Anne Frank.




Three Following The Bieber (2012)

1. Twitter fans.

2. In person spotted fans.

3. Police.


LAPD, on course-

With much speed, in full force.

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