Three Precious (2015)

1. Gems.
2. Children.
3. Ivory.
To chant-
Leave it on the elephant.



Elephants Galore (2015)

Elephants have always interested us. Perhaps it is their size, or just their looks in general.

Long trunks and wagging tails in a body that weighs tons.

Both their stories and their sightings have taken place in many aspect of our lives.

I remember reading The Story of Babar, when I was in elementary school. I fell in love

with him, and the other characters immediately. He first appeared in a French children’s book,

and in 1931 and then in 1933 was introduced to Britain and the United States. An elephant character

that is still around today.

Elephants are creatures of habit, as shown in the movie Elephant Walk. As a child I was horrified

when they took back their historical trail. As an adult it’s obvious that it was a mistake for someone

to build and live on a path that belonged to them. They could only keep them back for so long.

My favorite amusement park contained a garbage bin shaped like an elephant. You would put your

wrappers and empty drink containers in the elephant’s mouth. As children we pretended that we

were feeding the elephant.

Of course, the local zoo is a regular place to checkout the elephants. Along with the other residents

there. I especially love it when there is a baby one to view.

Last but not least is the circus. Back in 1882 The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Baily Circus bought

Jumbo the elephant from the London Zoo where he had lived for 16 years. Needless to say the

British people were upset, but the American people were delighted.

After many years and much controversy, any elephants with the circus will be retired by 2018.

No more elephants with the circus will seem strange, but then again it is understandable. The times

change, and we can adjust.

By the way, an average elephant that is roaming free will walk 30 miles on a daily basis. Now that

sounds like some true exercise.

The ivory greed is another elephant story. Of course, for another day.

“Elephants for sure-

A huge precious warm blooded creature.”


Three To Stop (2015)

1. Smoking.
2. Drinking.
3. Buying ivory.
A BIG life to enhance-
Simply called the elephant.


Three To Do Before 2014 (2013)

1. Make those resolutions.

2. Get that layaway going.

3. Shoot an elephant, in the face.
On NBC Sports Network’s, Under Wild Skies-
“Brave” hunters going trophy hunting until
that outlawed activity surprise.

Three About Those Elephants (2012)

1. They are huge.

2. They are precious.

3. Unfortunately, they bear ivory.


Killed, to feed-

Both materialism and greed.

Three Sad Things (2012)

1. The frig is on the blink.

2. An empty cookie jar.

3. Those 200 elephants, that

were killed in Africa, in the

last five weeks.


Sad, to see-

Simply, for the possession, of ivory.

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