A Reminder Set-Lest We Forget (38)

Sometimes it may take a while-

But eventually the truth will be spurted out in grand style.



Three Mr. Holmes (2015)

1. Ian McKellen.
2. Laura Linney.
3. Roger Allam.
A unique investigation-
To become a sensation.


Three Things About That Botched Execution In Florida (2006)

1. It is considered cruel and unusual punishment.

2. Obviously things did not go right.

3. The act has been stopped for observation.
If only murder victims had a halting moment-
So that a little longer their life could be spent.


Three Things About The Oil Spill (2010)

1. A cause investigation is going on.

2. It may take months to clean up
the mess.

3. Damage to the wetlands and wildlife
may last longer.
Reminders, of the Gulf oil spill, through
and through-
But, in this case, we are talking about the
damage, in Michigan, done to the Kalamazoo.

The Need-To Read # 303

An investigation, is always in need-
When you pickup any article, to read.


Three That You Expect To See In The Sky (2013)

1. The sun.

2. The moon.

3. An airplane.


And, when it is something unusual or different-

Much investigation time is spent.



Three things that are essential for a proper investigation (2007)

1. The gathered facts.
2. The person or persons involved.
3. Any important data that has a tendency to always be conveniently missing.
An erasure or an omission-
Is always conspiciously done.

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