Favorite Saying

This is my favorite original saying in order to combat
the hypocrisy that I hear on a daily basis.



“I’m a good girl, as I only listen to Elvis “Christian” music.


The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (413)

Back then and in the present day, not to be missed-

To Kill a Mockingbird is still on many a banned book list.




Three Born (2016)

1. Born in the USA. (Hawaii)
2. Born in Canada.
3. Born anywhere else.
Hypocrisy blip-

Regarding that citizenship.






Three Ways To Promote Less Government Intervention (2016)

1. Protest.
2. Tell government to mind their own business.
3. Take out a government funded loan for $530,000.
Time spent-
Picking and choosing that proper moment, for
dealings with the government.





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