Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Hurricane Season 2017)

Another hurricane season to be-
Beginning with Arlene, Bret, and Cindy.
Much prep time to stop and spend-
As we look for Don, Emily, and Franklin.
Named hurricanes in the year of 2017-
Such as Gert, Harvey, and Irene.
Supplies gathered and rules of safety-
With an approaching storm Jose, Katia, and Lee.
Maria, Nate, Ophelia, and Philippe-
We all wished the hurricanes would stay away.
An idea in which we all tend to agree-
But not reality according to Rina, Sean, and Tammy.
So as we head towards the 2017 hurricane season much
protection to see-
Last but not least Vince and Whitney.


Three Dangers (2016)

1. Tornado.
2. Flood.
3. Hydrogen bomb.
Latest word-
In North Korea, manmade, well felt and well heard.


Three Drills (2015)

1. Fire.
2. Hurricane.
3. School testing.
Presently underway-
Taking up most of school day.


Three Examples Of It Was Bad Then It Got Better (2007)


1. The runny nose slowed down.

2. The cut healed.

3. Japan’s quake region donated $200,000 to the Katrina effort.


From those once in a pickle-

Money for programs to help children cope, is continuing to trickle.


Three To Look For Out There (2015)

1. Waves.
2. Wind.
3. Formation.
In the past, Gulf Coast to gain-
Many a hurricane.


Three To Restore (2015)

1. Cemeteries.
2. Buildings.
3. Other spots.
Much damage to still see-
Thanks to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy.


Three High Winded (2015)

1. Tornado.
2. Hurricane.
3. Serena Williams.
High serve to sport-
Winnings on tennis court.


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