Three Turned Brown

1. Leaves.
2. Trees.
3. Entire forests.
Lifeless looks to gain-
Thanks to Puerto Rico hurricane.


Three Real

1. News.
2. Weather.
3. Hurricane Irma.
To take heed-
A lifesaving need.

Three That Take A While

1. Writing a book.
2. Painting a room.
3. Hurricane recovery.
Slow and complicated-
To be detailed and dated.


Three On The Horizon

1. Cleaning
2. Drying.
3. Hoping.
Down to the letter-
For things to get better.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Hurricane Season 2017)

Another hurricane season to be-
Beginning with Arlene, Bret, and Cindy.
Much prep time to stop and spend-
As we look for Don, Emily, and Franklin.
Named hurricanes in the year of 2017-
Such as Gert, Harvey, and Irene.
Supplies gathered and rules of safety-
With an approaching storm Jose, Katia, and Lee.
Maria, Nate, Ophelia, and Philippe-
We all wished the hurricanes would stay away.
An idea in which we all tend to agree-
But not reality according to Rina, Sean, and Tammy.
So as we head towards the 2017 hurricane season much
protection to see-
Last but not least Vince and Whitney.


Three Dangers (2016)

1. Tornado.
2. Flood.
3. Hydrogen bomb.
Latest word-
In North Korea, manmade, well felt and well heard.


Three Drills (2015)

1. Fire.
2. Hurricane.
3. School testing.
Presently underway-
Taking up most of school day.


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