Three Things To Do When Things Get Really Bad (2010)

1. Jump.

2. Sell.

3. Stand still and wait.


No matter what subject in life-

That standing still and the wait,

will eventually see a turn in the strife.

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Winter Season (325)

In this recent wind, one would have to hold on extra tight-

If they were in the midst, of flying a kite.



Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Winter Season (318)

A sure bet-

It’s not time to put away that sweater yet.



Three Steps (2015)

1. Up.
2. Steady.
3. Balance.
And if you have to-
Get something to hold


Three Alabama Shakes (2015)

1.Don’t Wanna Fight.
2. Hang Loose.
3. Hold On.
You Ain’t Alone-
To set tone.


Three To Balance (2015)

1. Work.
2. Home.
3. Your body.
To peg-
And weigh in, on
one leg.


Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Spring Season (199)

Time spent-

Trying to hold onto this gorgeous spring time moment.



Three Ways To Spot High Wind (2015)

1. Kites flying.
2. Leaves traveling.
3. Ears back.
To hold on-
Til high wind is gone.


Three Favorite Political Sayings (2010)

1. I didn’t say that.

2. I didn’t say that.

3. I didn’t say that.


Yes, that is what you did say-

Hold, on for a moment, for the re-play.


Three That Would Hold On To Listen To That Phone Message That Says…Hold Please We Have An Important Message For You (2009)

1. A little bitty kid.
2. Someone who has NOTHING else to do.
3. A person who just got rescued off of an island
and hasn’t heard a human voice in 5 years.
Make no fuss-
That recording is downright ridiculous.


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