Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet # 733


The calorie-

Is not something, that we can always see.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 810

Time will tell-

Did we do bad or did we do well?


Depends on who is telling the story-

For changes occur, with prior history.


To cover up what we do not want to


To take away, the truth, bit by bit.


It is up to others, to dig real hard-

To find the truth, to unwind the

liars on guard.


So many things not mentioned, or

put in the background-

To make some facts silent, to not

bear their own sound.


Time will tell-

Did we do bad or did we do well?

Three Reasons To Crop A Pic (2017)

1. To hone in on subject.

2. To make more cozy.

3. To hide what you do not want others to see.
Those less crowd numbers-
Put in eternal slumber.


Three Who Might Get Sick If There Is A Problem With The Water (2017)

1. Democrats.
2. Independents.
3. Republicans.
And just on a whim-
Who exactly lets us know that there
is a problem?


Three Forever (2017)

1. Postage stamps.

2. Ambitions.

3. Audits.
From the one-
Unseen never completed,
and will probably never be done.


To Sport-Scary Tales Of A Sort (1)

The shed was falling apart-

But it did not begin like that in the start.


For as it got fuller, it began to spread-

A building can only hold so many bodies that are dead.


The criminal thought that he had found the perfect place-

Until it exploded and suddenly became a publicly seen space.



The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (480)

Instead of just looking the other way-

Folks are beginning to notice, and bring stuff out, into the light of day.



Three Drugs Required (2010)


1. Drugs to sleep.

2. Drugs to keep awake.

3. Drugs to even out your life.
The prescription-
That gets the job done.





Clear-That Fear (832)

Doesn’t make any sense-
To ignore the subject of mental illness.


Three Hidden (2015)

1. Taxes offshore.
2. Gems.
3. Germs in the kitchen.
To overlook-
While in full cook.




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