Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite (503)

At the movie theater, it is clear-

That you need to keep your voice low, so that everyone can hear.



Three Things About Those Vuvuzelas (2010)

1. They can damage your eardrums
over time.
2. More will be seen and heard.
3. They are coming to America.
On their way-
To the USA.


Two Heads Are Sometimes Not Better Than One (2014)

The other day while watching C-Span, I was amazed about what was going on. It wasn’t the topic, it was the background.

As I continued to watch, I thought that maybe I had caught an episode of Saturday Night Live. Here we had a panel that was grilling a specified witness, and of course, the witness was shown on full screen.

In the meantime, there was somone sitting behind the witness, in the next row, in full view also. Now we know that on these hearings there are always folks in the background, either sitting or walking around. In this case, this other person had equal view on the screen.

If I hadn’t know better, I might have thought that the other person was doing a version of Forrest Gump. You know where he plants, the likes of himself, into many historical events.

Now here comes the amazing part. Everytime the witness said something that the other person did not like, it was up with the eyes, or the look of disgust. If I wanted to watch something with someone else’s opinion, on the subject, I’d watch a debate, or perhaps even plant myself on the front row of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

It was simply distracting, and really and truly, I did not find it funny at all.

“Serious issues to face-

With an extra body, out of place.”



Three Sonic Memories (2014)

1.Candy wrapper.

2. Creaking floor.

3. Clock ticking in hallway.



On re-bound.


Three That Can Harm Your Ears (2013)

1. Loud music.

2. Sandblasting.

3. Thousands of pigs squealing.
Down on the farm-
To earmuff those ears, to keep
them from harm.

Three Reasons You Missed It (2011)

1. You weren’t paying attention.

2. The noise in the room was too loud.

3. You have a hearing loss.


48 million across the land-

With hearing loss, on hand.

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