Three Hamburgers (2012)

1. Fried.

2. Broiled.

3. Lab grown.


A dish, to procure-

Created through culture.

Three Ongoing

1. Expensive govt. plane rides.
2. Profits of $60 hamburgers sold
down street from WH in govt. leased building.
3. Subsidies from poor cut.
The will-
To see profit and equal.

Three Fancy (2016)

1. Hats.
2. Pants.
3. Hamburgers.
Time spent-
Adding a special ingredient.


Three To Do At Home (2015)

1. Dust.
2. Vacuum.
3. Cook.
As it were-
To make that homemade burger.


Three Cooking (2015)

1. Beef.
2. Onions.
3. Mushrooms.
Ingredients both hot & cold-
Yum burger, to unfold.


Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (191)

On cue-

To think about barbecue.



Three Pairs Of Changes Regarding Consuming Food (2009)

1. Eating out to eating at home.

2. Steaks to hamburger meat.

3. Chicken breasts to family pack chicken drumsticks and thighs.
The act of eating high priced-
Has suddenly been greatly sliced.


Three Reasons That I Don’t Think About Cows Too Much (2013)

1. They stand so still.

2. They appear to be sad.

3. It would be hard to stop
at the nearest hamburger
Sometimes by not thinking too
The reality, of some things, can
appear, to stay out of touch.

Three High Calorie Foods (2011)

1. Hamburgers.

2. Fries.

3. Anything, not eaten in
As such-
Anything, in the mode, of
too much.

Three Things That Are Now Popular (2010)

1. Goodwill.

2. Discount stores.

3. Those dollar hamburgers.
With things on the steep-
We tend to look for the cheap.


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