Three Affected By The Cold (2014)

1. Elderly.

2. Homeless.

3. Turtles.
For spring to come and turn
a new leaf-
In the midst, of all who are now
experiencing much grief.

Three Affected By The Cold (2014)

1. Elderly.

2. Homeless.

3. Turtles.
For spring to come and turn
a new leaf-
In the midst, of all who are now
experiencing much grief.

Three Jobs We Like Done Correctly (2012)

1. Carpet cleaned.

2. Hamburger order.

3. That plastic surgery.


Much grief, to absorb and take-

When in the world, of plastic surgery,

there is a huge mistake.


Three Sad (2015)

1. Illness.
2. Family gone.
3. Left alone.
To start over in life-
To work through the
grief and the strife.


Bittersweet (2015)

At the beginning of the school year, I knew that my last daughter would be graduating from high school.
The plans were made and the yearbook was purchased. With it being her last year, I wanted to purchase
a page for the back of the yearbook. It would highlight a few things that she had done, plus it would
include a picture of her in Kindergarten. This was my first time to do so.

I carefully planned the page, and it became a fun project. The company that makes the yearbooks called
me for a final touchup and then I waited for the moment, when my daughter would get her yearbook.

The yearbook came and there was no page in the book. I couldn’t believe it. I had worked on this since
the beginning of the school year.

Needless to say when I was called for the final touchup, the page was not returned to the proper place
to be inserted into the yearbook. I would imagine that we would call this a human error. The yearbook
had already been printed, and I was offered some individual pages, and a refund. I had talked with
the yearbook representative and we had discussed the possibility of a supplement to the yearbook,
with other school events added as well.

Never heard anymore of that. Just a refund in the bank account, and those inserts mailed to the house.
I guess that fixed that for them. Onto the next customer…Never mind the grief involved. I was even asked
did I expect them to reprint the yearbook? Of course not, but it still hurt.

I have never been so disappointed in my life. This was a one time event, and it was ruined. I hope that
this never happens to anyone else. It was so timely and cannot be repeated. The refund does not makeup
for the disappointment and the inserts, I could have gone and made myself.

I don’t need to mention the name of the company, Everyone would know as my daughter graduated from
a local high school in Texas. I hope that they have something in place for the future. No one else
needs to experience this situation. Planning something, looking forward to it and then nothing. I’m not one
to complain much, but this made me feel disgusted. So careless, so disgusting…..

“As it were-
Dreams don’t always come true,
thanks to human error”.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 144

Mother Nature took her course-

And hit a land in full force.

The world could not ignore and took stock-

Of the sadness, death, grief, need, hurt, and shock.

Mother Nature took her course-

And the world set out to help immediately, and in full force.



The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (39)

Regarding the blizzard, apprehension filled with grief-

To a better outlook, and a good feeling of relief.



Clear-That Fear (146)

To feel the relief-

To put behind the panic and anxiety and the grief.



Three Purposes Of A Funeral (2006)

1. To pay respect for the deceased.
2. To be there for the family.
3. To blend in to help ease the pain.
Dress accordingly-
For you are not the one that we came to see.

Three Disturbing (2014)

1. Storm.
2. Money woes.
3. Daughter taken from school.
In Nigeria, DREAD –
Parents in grief, by 200.


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