Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Seventy Years Ago During The Christmas Season)

I was reading an article about how folks used to celebrate

Christmas back in the old days.  Seventy years ago things

were quite different.


Everyone still gathered round to listen to the radio. The

whole family tended to listen to the same music, and of

course there was no such thing as social media, in any

form or fashion.


To go to Grandmother’s was a tradition that had been

carried out for many generations. No one made giblet

gravy like she did. Even if you didn’t like her cooking you

didn’t have much of a choice, for she was the one doing

the cooking, and there were no take out places.


Everyone was still heavily involved in shopping for Christmas,

but they tended to wait a moment, until at least Thanksgiving

was over, and the bird had been picked clean. Later on Black

Friday appeared and now we cannot even wait for that moment.


Things have certainly changed over the years, but many things

also remain the same. We still put up a pine tree , decorate

it, and put presents under the tree. We cook a ham and enjoy

the sweets that are made for the season.

Of course, things did get easier for the elder generation. The ones

before that required hunting for meat and doing all the prep

work.  Everything was made by hand, with much creativity.

“Back in the old days-

Things were both alike and different, in many ways.”













Three Ways To Acquire The Perfect Dressing (2008)

1. Buy it from an eatery.

2. Make it from the package.

3. Pay attention to that elderly relative that is making it.
Watching it made from scratch-
Is the perfect lifetime catch.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 840 (The Yellow School Bus)

Here it comes, and my it is yellow-

Mama said it would be, and she should know.


For it just happens to be the case-

That one day, a while back, she was in my place.


A little girl, waiting at the stop-

Holding her mother’s hand, not to drop.


The first day of school shared by many

a generation-

Waiting for that yellow school bus is

a tender sensation.


Here it comes, and my it is yellow-

Mama said it would be, and she should know.



Three reasons that brand new grandparents carry such large smiles (2010)

1. The new grandbaby is so cute.

2. The grandparent lived long enough to see another generation.

3. This time around the grandparent plays while they watch the
children they raised do all the work.
Reap what you sow-
As you watch the grandchildren grow!

Three To Study (2014)

1. Math.

2. Science.

3. Where we came from.


Culture and history-

Important for generations, to learn and see.


Three Types Of Letters To Compose (2008)

1. A business letter.

2. A pen-pal letter.

3. A personal letter to leave to your children that
gives your feelings about the life you had, and
quite a few details from whence you came.
Letters that will endure-
Letters to be read by the future.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 652 (Weeds)

The grass had grown-

It certainly set the tone.


There was a time when a

crowd had come by-

But, as time passed, there

was no one left to cry.


The spot had been kept up

for so many years-

Visited often with so many tears.


Generations later, a new crowd

started to come by-

To visit their ancestors, is the

reason why.


To pull the weeds and to clean the


To bring to life what had been



To celebrate those who had lived so

long ago-

To give their final resting place, a

sudden glow.


The grass had grown-

It certainly set the tone.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 877 (Don’t Mess With My Monopoly Game Pieces)

I remember landing on Boardwalk, with my top hat-

Knowing that I would require Park Place, to up my bank account, that was flat.


I remember racing towards Go, with my racecar-

The thoughts, of an aquired $200, was not far.


My Scottie dog, would travel the board-

Looking for same properties, that I wanted to hoard.


My Battleship never seemed to fail-

To keep me moving, to keep me Out of Jail.


If I had enough money, I could always relax-

When my boot happened to land, on the Luxury Tax.


My Wheelbarrow would give me hope, when I had

to mortgage, a property-

With intentions, to buy back, is what I would eventually



My thimble would stand tall and straight-

While escaping the highest rent, as of late.


At the end, of the game, my iron would hold


I was determined to stay in the game, until

the very last.


The playing pieces above are the ones that

I remember-

Back in the childhood days, from January to



And, now I am being asked to give my

memories a new face-

To take out one, of the pieces above,

to choose and pick a replace.


A robot, a helicopter, a cat, a diamond ring,

or a guitar-

Will knock out, one of the above, and will become

the new Monopoly playing piece star.


Personally, I want to keep it the way that it is-

See no use for this updating biz.


Not everything has to change-

Not everything has to be put in re-arrange.


I remember landing on Boardwalk with my top hat-

Knowing that I would require Park Place, to up my bank account, that was flat.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 891 (Just Like Grandmother)

We went shopping, Mommy and me-

To find the perfect doll, it just had to be.


It had to have the prettiest outfit-

It had to have legs that bent, so that it could sit.


It had to have hair just like us-

Otherwise, we might have to make a fuss.


The eye color was important too-

Same old same, the whole way through.


For Mommy and me we look a lot alike, in

many ways-

More some so, on certain days.


And, to figure out why, we need to look no further-

Than pictures, of much loved Grandmother.


A generational thing, that happens to be passed on-

Been going on since the first break of dawn.


We went shopping, Mommy and me-

To find the perfect doll, it just had to be.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 521 (Generational Soap)

I used to have to cope-
With my grandmother
watching her soap.
It was at the same time
And, believe me, nothing
ever got in the way.
Monday through Friday, is
how it went-
Supposedly, it was time
well spent.
On Fridays, was the day to
The climax, of the week,
it was much torture.
Couldn’t wait til Monday,
to come about-
To get back, to the story,
to get back, on route.
And, as I got older, I did the
Keeping up with the soap opera
All the characters came to be-
A part of my beloved family.
Another generation came along-
And, took the subject, on strong.
My daughter, has a special rule-
Don’t interfere with the soap
opera schedule.
But, alas, some of them are dying
Leaving many folks, sad, is what
this is all about.
A generation of doing the very same
In this case, in the future, may no
longer have the same ring.
I used to have to cope-
With my grandmother
watching her soap.


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