Three That Kids Used To Do (2015)

1. Swing.
2. Run.
3. Play.
At best-
A moment of recess.


Three Things To Do When You Are Young (2010)

1. Act silly.

2. Play games.

3. Write songs.
A winning, at the age of 20, is quite clear-
As Taylor Swift, accepts the BMI Songwriter
of the Year.

Three Fun Games (2006)

1. Monopoly.
2. Mother May I.
3. Red light, green light.
Pay as you go-
As the redlight camera locations,
continue to grow.

Three To Make A Special Needs Park (2011)

1. A carousel that has chariots for wheelchairs.

2. Braille games on the side of the jungle gym.

3. Table high sandboxes.
Morgan’s Wonderland-
In San Antonio, and well planned.

Three Occasions To Snack (2013)

1. Before the game.

2. During the game.

3. After the game.
That’s what sports games are
A snack here, and a snack there,
just to even up the score.

Three To Play With At The Pawn Shop (2012)

1. Games.

2. Buttons on TV’s.

3. Loaded handguns.


In Alaska, the four year old boy did-

Luckily, only shooting the ceiling, as

the bullets, from him, should have

been hid.

Three Games For Both Children And Adults (2010)

1. Football.

2. Baseball.

3. Popping Bubble Wrap.
We’ve been doing that now for 50 years-
Popping each one, til the whole sheet clears.

Three Classic Board Games (2010)

1. Monopoly.

2. Checkers.

3. Clue.
From the past-
That today and in the future, can still
be played and amassed.





Three Childhood Games (2015)

1. Hopscotch.
2. Jump rope.
3. Hide and seek.
Adults found-
Once again creating
their own playground.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 966 (Love That Pong)

If it’s all the same-

I remember playing my first video game.


Pong was as simple as it could be-

But, gee we loved it, and played it with much glee.


Back and forth, the ball went-

Pure fun, much entertainment time spent.


Giving the game our very best-

With just a little bit, of added stress.


Competition against a machine-

Different games today, with the same results seen.


If it’s all the same-

I remember playing my first video game.





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