Three Ways To Kick The Can Down The Road Almost 100 Years Ago (2015)

1. Dig.
2. Acquire.
3. Don’t look back.
To mine-
To leave future generations
in a bind.


Three For History (2014)

1. Look back.
2. Care for today.
3. Plan for future generations.
To do-
For those who come after you.


Three Reasons To Write Down Those Stories That The Grandparents Told (2008)

1. For fun.

2. For something to do.

3. For future generations.
Grandma or Grandpa may no longer be here-
But the memories that they told, can stay crystal clear.


The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 530

Folks lived and accidently left paperwork behind-
For future generations, to dig up and find.

Three Things About Baby Photos (2013)

1. Most are shared with immediate family.

2. They are great for future generations, to admire.

3. The public gets a “whole” picture, of who is sitting
in the White House.
Interesting poses, to be amassed-
As we curiously visit the past.

Three To Vote For (2013)

1. To save it.

2. To preserve it.

3. To keep it for future generations.


Similiar to the present Coliseum in Rome-

To not make a parking lot, out of the Astrodome.



Three Reasons To Attempt To Identify Cemetery Graves (2013)

1. To fill in the missing names.

2. To honor the dead.

3. For future generations.


So much information can be amassed-

Simply by digging, into the past.


Three About The Chimney Rock National Monument (2012)

1. It is 1000 feet above Piedra River Valley.

2. It consists of 200 ancient homes and ceremonial buildings.

3. It is where the ancestors of Pueblo Indians lived 1000 years ago.


In Southwest Colorado-

4,726 acres of high desert, for many

future generations, to treasure and know.

Three Reasons To Preserve Artwork (2012)

1. For its beauty.

2. For future generations.

3. For its weight, in gold.


John Constable’s “The Lock”, finished

in 1824, kept safe and sound-

Sold in London, at the price of 22.4

million pounds.

Three Reasons To Preserve History (2012)

1. As a hobby.

2. For future generations.

3. To remind us not to do that again.


To find-

A gentle remind.

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