News Underway-Today Or Maybe Yesterday (22)

For Former President Jimmy Carter, the campaigning continues to unfold-

For his grandson, in Georgia, at the ripe, old age. of 90 years old.




Three For Christmas (2012)

1. Joy.

2. Peace.

3. Our former President, in Houston,  to get well.


To take care-

To better fare.

The Highlight Of The Day-In My Own Way # 536

A birthday, on the plate-

Former President Jimmy Carter, turning 88.

Three Empty Seats (2012)

1. The one being spoken to by Clint Eastwood.

2. A former president.

3. A former vice-president.


A huge party-

With many an univited attendee.

The Highlight Of The Day-In My Own Way # 505

Happy Birthday, to a former president-

Bill Clinton, at 66 today, hope a blessed day is spent.

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