Three For The Face (2012)

1. Eyes.

2. Lips.

3. Chinplant.


Gaining in popularity-

That chinplant surgery.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 891 (Just Like Grandmother)

We went shopping, Mommy and me-

To find the perfect doll, it just had to be.


It had to have the prettiest outfit-

It had to have legs that bent, so that it could sit.


It had to have hair just like us-

Otherwise, we might have to make a fuss.


The eye color was important too-

Same old same, the whole way through.


For Mommy and me we look a lot alike, in

many ways-

More some so, on certain days.


And, to figure out why, we need to look no further-

Than pictures, of much loved Grandmother.


A generational thing, that happens to be passed on-

Been going on since the first break of dawn.


We went shopping, Mommy and me-

To find the perfect doll, it just had to be.

The Need-To Read (503)

Eyes hover-
Over the latest book cover.


Three In The Air (2016)

1. Bird.
2. Plane.
3. Drone.
On the rise-
With excellent eyes.




Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite (448)

At its worst-

All of that staring may cause your eyeballs to burst.



The Need-To Read (432)

Eyes to hover-
Over a brand new book cover.


Three Ways They Used To Count Votes (2016)

1. With eyes.
2. With fingers.
3. With counting skills.
Also with deception-
As much vote dumping in
the river was readily


Three Plenty Right Now (2016)

1. Low gas prices.
2. Political conversation.
3. Snowballs.
Many found-
Being tossed around.






Three To Examine (2016)

1. Art piece.
2. Document.
3. Movie.
To keep historical fact-






Three Made Happy (2015)

1. Employees.
2. Family.
3. Fav pet.
Giving best try-
To keep gleam in eye.




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