Three Dangerous Things On The Road (2010)

1. Dropped boxes.

2. Slick spots.

3. Road rage.


The angry peon ego-

Is an unfortunate danger to contend with and know.


Three To Use For Lawn Decor (2012)

1. Trees.

2. Flowers.

3. A statue of yourself.


An ex-mayor in Michigan, to enhance-

To highlight his home, at his gated entrance.

Three Real People (2011)

1. Those who talk from the heart.

2. Those who are concerned.

3. Those who look outside of themselves.


To leave and go-

Outside the inner ego.

Three Minor Incidents (2017)

1. Scratch.

2. Scrape.

3. Anything that doesn’t involve YOU.
You know-
How we are when it affects our EGO.


Three For ID (2016)

1. Name.
2. Writing.
3. Brand.
As it were-




The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (470)

To think that your parents cared about you-

Until you finally realize that all along they were too self centered, for that action to accrue.



Clear-That Fear (946)

When you are always RIGHT-
It brings much panic and anxiety to light.


Clear-That Fear (937)

Ego care-
Warding off the scare.


Three To Believe (2016)

1. The truth.
2. Lies.
3. Whatever suits you best.
Places to go-
To fulfill the inner ego.




Three Spaces (2015)

1. Closet.
2. Outer.
3. The one made for you.
So that on the road, you can cut in-
To tweak your ego, every now and then.




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