Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Coloring Those Eggs)

The Easter Bunny put his eggs, out on the table-

And colored them, as best as he was able.


He started off with blue-

Painting shiny and making them look brand new.


And next came the color yellow-

Just like the sun, looking so mellow.


The next egg was painted green-

Just like the grass, and other plants that are seen.


Red stood out, as the egg began to dry-

Just like a fire engine is the reason why.


The Easter Bunny also mixed colors and made a blend-

This is how much of his time, he did spend.


Swirls and stripes and all kinds of shapes-

He used pencils, and all kinds of tapes.


Purple eggs came last, as it was his favorite color-

And then he cleaned up his mess as it were.


As the colored eggs dried, they were then set-

In many a beautiful Easter basket.


To be delivered to children all over the world-

Beautifully painted eggs in prime colors and swirl.


The Easter Bunny put his eggs, out on the table-

And colored them, as best as he was able.


Three To Color

  1. A room.
  2. A page.
  3. An egg.


And when dry and set-

Time to add to that Easter basket.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (The Irene Hop)

Irene the Rabbit hopped without fail-

Down her local park walking trail.


She saw the birds, in their nests-

She saw the butterflies, that she loves best.


And as she hopped further down the trail-

At the nearby river, she saw a boat with a sail.


A squirrel suddenly appeared and caused a stir-

For Irene the Rabbit wasn’t expecting it to cross in front of her.


And as she hopped to the end of the trail, she came to see-

The largest gathering of hens, that there could ever be.


They took her off the trail, to a special spot-

Where they showed her many, many an egg, a whole lot.


It’s almost Easter they were heard to say-

So the work to prepare was already underway.


Irene the rabbit hopped without fail-

Down her local park walking trail.





Three Beans (2016)

1. Jumping.
2. Red.
3. Jelly.
For Easter-
Filled with color.




Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (444)

An Easter ham-

Surrounded by eggs and yam.



Three Treasure Islands (2015)

1. Maldives.
2. Galapagos.
3. Easter.
A vacation to accrue-
With moai in full view.


Three That Adults Do (2014)

1. Work.

2. Budget.

3. Hunt for Easter eggs.


Through and through and through-

Adults enjoy hunting, for those eggs,

as much as the children do.


Three Original Folks (2011)

1 Indians.

2. Aztecs.

3. Hito.
Originals on Easter Island-
With a protest, for land
ownership, much on hand.

Three Easter Moments (2015)

1. Bunny visit.
2. Egg hunt.
3. Dress-up time.
To put it mild-
Done by many a
precious child.


A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (167)

In one big basket, lots of grass-

On Easter morning, to go through, and amass.



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