Three Sporting Much Color (2016)

1. Nature.
2. Rainbows.
3. Easter eggs.
True and tried-
Lovingly dyed.




Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Chasing That Smell)

There was a funny smell-

And all was not going well.


It was in the house, and couldn’t be found-

As we searched everywhere and all around.


We looked inside and under the couch-

We looked in the dirty clothes laundry pouch.


We looked in the bedroom closet-

And no further, in finding the smell, did we get.


We searched in the food pantry-

Only good stuff, to eat, is what we could see.


We even looked out in the backyard-

Only to find Rover, who was always on guard.


We looked over the fence-

Which really made no sense.


So back into the house is where we went-

With much more hunting time spent.


And alas, we finally found that awful smell-

In a dark corner, an “OLD” Easter egg,

as far as we could tell.


It had rained, and we had held the hunt


Next time we’ll count them, to avoid a

smelly experience, true and tried.


There was a funny smell-

And all was not going well.



Three For Decor (2016)

1. Color.
2. Drawings.
3. Stickers.
A sensation-
Easter egg decoration.




Three Green (2016)

1. Plants.
2. Marbles.
3. Fields.
Often tilled-
But this weekend Easter
egg filled.






The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (445)

An empty field-

To hundreds of colored Easter eggs, waiting to be scooped up, in a field.



Clear-That Fear (979)

Not only Easter eggs to drop-
But panic and anxiety, to also stop.


Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (100)

Not bad-

The kids hunt for Easter eggs, and you make egg salad.



Three To Color (2014)

1. A room.

2. A paper.

3. Easter eggs.


All set-

Pink, yellow, green, purple, and blue, for the basket.


Three Colorful (2014)

1. Paintings.

2. Gardens.

3. Easter eggs.


Creative labor and toil-

To follow a hard boil.



Wednesday Yarn (Eggs)

I like eggs. There are so many ways to fix the things.

To scramble, boil, add to other foods, and to fry, just

for a small list.


My grandmother had quite a few chickens on the farm

in which she grew up, and when she got older, that was

the one thing that she yearned for was to have a small

stock of chickens out in the yard. Unfortunately, where

she lived it was not permitted, but she still dreamed

about the thought anyway.


It could have been that she really loved the chickens, and

or that it reminded her of an earlier time. We all like to

go back and think of those special moments in our



There are all kinds of eggs, but the ones we generally think

about are the ones in the hen house. The ones that we buy

at the grocery store. The ones that come in all sizes. The ones

with the yellow yolks.


This is the time of the year when a different type of egg is

both bought and brought. The kind that is made and filled

with chocolate. To take it even a step further we are inclined to

go for the chocolate ones with the other types of filling inside.


I can vision my grandmother as a child heading out to the hen

house, to gather some eggs for breakfast. More than likely

there would be times when she might drop and break one. To

be more careful next time is what she learned.


We’re getting closer each day to the Sunday that the eggs will

change colors, as they would be dyed the night before. To hunt

in the grass, where the special one left them. To crack one open

and eat it, with a piece of candy too. Oh, for the good old days.


“Eggs cooked well-

Cracked open or still in the shell.”

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