Three For The Weekend (2012)

1. Jelly beans.

2. Artificial grass.

3. Dyed eggs.


In pink, yellow, and green-

The Easter Bunny about to

burst, on the scene.


The Need-To Read (124)

It never fails-

There is always a brand new story about the Easter bunny traveling down the bunny trail.



The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 391

The Easter Bunny used to
bring real dyed eggs-
Not plastic ones, with
character based legs.




A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (168)

The Easter Bunny on his way-

Getting ready for Easter Sunday.


Three To Visit Your Home (2011)

1. Santa.

2. The Easter Bunny.

3. A Gnome.


All it took-

Was his signature, in your

set out guest book.

A Quick Say-In My Own Way # 902

The Easter Bunny can wait-

Because there is plenty, of chocolate, in the house, as of late.


Three Famous Rabbits (2012)

1. Bugs.

2. Peter Cottontail.

3. The Easter one.


Once a year, always handy-

Carrying eggs, and much candy.


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